Sunday, 2 July 2017

Why You Should Start an Online Business Today

If you have been meaning to start a business, a brick and mortar kind of business that is, you should also consider opening an online store for the same business. If having a physical shop is not your thing, how about starting your business online?

The beauty of this digital age is this: it has become increasingly easy to give your business a digital footprint that can be seen and followed by anyone with an internet connection.

Doing business online opens is exciting and full of innumerable benefits:
  • Worldwide 24/7 access - you can sell to anyone, anywhere on the globe. Thanks to automation!
  • No more rent - Well, there is hosting, designing, content, SEO work  etc that needs money, but that is nothing compared to rent!
  • Faster delivery of products - since automation takes care of orders, payments and reports, shipping products will no longer be a problem as you'll have enough time to organize yourself.
  • Minimal paper use - since most of your processes will be online, you'll not be using a lot of paper for your records. Go online, go green!
  • Work from anywhere - an online shop gives you great flexibility with regard to your place of work. As long as you have an internet connection, wherever you are, that's where your shop is.
Taking your business online also allows you to research your competition (from the website, social media pages, or reviews), allows you to automate business operations like banking, salaries and paying taxes and also, allows you to easily get in touch with your customers, serve them and sell them more!

Doing business online comes with a number of risks which you should plan for. Common risks include loss of data, viruses, hardware damage,and online scams. 

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