Tuesday, 27 June 2017

5 Low Cost High Returns Youth Friendly Businesses in Kenya

The story "Africa Kills Her Sun" by Ken Saro Wiwa pricks my conscience every time I reflect on the conditions of the youth on our continent. Its a satirical rendition of the failed attempts at governance by newly independent African states. The end result is this: those that stand up against injustices and corruption are jailed or even executed for their stands.

One injustice that plagues even Kenya is unemployment. According to the World Bank, Kenya's unemployment stood at 22.2% in 2016.

Its a season of politics right now and everyone wants to reassure the youth that they have them covered. The problem with political promises in Kenya and beyond is that they don't stick long after the election.

That is why we have picked the following five low cost high returns businesses that youth can engage in to give them a decent living.

  1. Car Wash - This one has been around for some time now. Depending on location, one is usually charged between 250 - 500 shillings to have their car cleaned. If you can wash at least twenty cars in day, how much do you think your take home would be?
  2. Movie shop - If you are young, chances are you love movies and music. Why don't you monetize your hobby? I know people who make an average of 3000 shillings a day from selling movies.
  3. Agribusiness - from rearing pigs, keeping poultry, growing tomatoes, etc, there is no limit to what you can do here. The idea is to research what you want to venture into, and sticking to it.
  4. Motorcycle errands - Whether it is at home or the office, Kenyans are becoming increasingly busy. It has become a little difficult for them to do their daily chores with ease as they are focusing on more serious issues. They are badly in need of professionals to run errands for them. Whether it is paying utility bills, buying grocery or even making remittances, if you  can do it, consider yourself hired.
  5. Online freelancing - there is a lot of work online for the youth. If you can get your hands on a computer with a good internet connection, you can easily bid on writing, data entry, transcription, and programming jobs among others. The more jobs you complete, the better your feedback and the more your chances of getting more jobs.
Do you know of any other businesses in Kenya that our youth can take advantage of? Share your ideas.

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