Wednesday, 27 June 2012

3 Event Organizing Tips to Make Your Next Event a Success

You have probably organized an event before. The chances that it did not go as planned are pretty high if statistics on this subject are anything to go by. If you have however not organized one and the need for one seem to be weighing you down, I hope this article will be of great help to you too.

There are three basic phases of any event: the initial stages when you are planning it, the event itself and the post event stage. What you do at each of these stages determines how successful the event will be or how successful future events will be.

Preparatory stages

At this stage, you need to get everything in order. Let us assume for a moment that you have a venue, name of event, lists of speakers and the activities that should take place during the event. Now, what you need to do is spread the word. The advent of the internet and especially the social media has opened a lot of spaces for businesses. Facebook and Twitter can help you get the results you need. Update appropriate statuses and tweet using your event’s hash tags. Keep you pages active and respond to tweets and comments. You may also want to write press releases and send them to journalists. Use your blog to also keep people informed. The important thing at this stage is to let the right people get the right information. Simple.

The event

This has nothing to do with the movie or series. When the event is going on, let other people know that it is. How? The social media. Continue tweeting and updating on Twitter and Facebook respectively giving information about how everything is “going down.” Keep people interested. Share pictures and short videos of the event. Let the pictures and videos tell the story.

Post Event

Now that the event is over, don’t think that is the end.  Review the event, ask yourself what is it that you could have done better and such questions. Post pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Do not forget to update your blog with articles reviewing the event. And of course thank the attendants and remind them of the next event.

Well, I hope that gives you the idea!

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