Sunday, 18 June 2017

Is the customer always right? Well, not always!

There is nothing important to any business more than the feedback it gets from its customers. After all, the reason the business exists in the first place is to meet a gap in the lives of its customers and make some money while at it.

This is probably why businesses are not only keen on receiving customer feedback but also following through to ensure that their customers are a happy lot.

It is the reason why the phrase "the customer is always right", coined way back in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, is in popular use in almost every organization.

Good and bad customers

But is the customer always right? There are good customers as there are well, there is no other way to put it, bad customers.

Good customers are not only loyal, but they also give their feedback without malice. They point out your mistakes in a civilized manner and compliment you when you have done something right.

Bad customers however are always shouting at yourself or your employees. They will badmouth you online or make a scene at your premises. No matter how hard you try to please you customers (and you should by the way), this type will never appreciate you or the services you provide.

Some customers are not worth having

The problem with most organizations is that they always side with the customers - no matter what the issue at hand is. Every time a customer complains, employees are usually reprimanded, given show cause letters  or even summarily dismissed.

Some other organizations however, realize that siding with each and every customer is  not always the best thing to do. Some even openly side with their employees. After all, employees are the drivers of the business and if they feel disenfranchised and sad, how do you think they are going to serve your customers?

Some customers are just not worth having. They will kill the morale of your people and eventually drive your business down the drain. And what do they do after that? Move one to the next business!

So, treat both your customers and employees well and seek amicable solutions to whatever issues raised. And remember, the customer is not always right!

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